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Welcome to my homepage! My name is Lingwei Zhu (朱 令緯). I am now a Postdoc with Martha White at the University of Alberta. I obtained my PhD with the Best Student Honor at Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) under Takamitsu Matsubara.

My research interest lies in applications of reinforcement learning and unsupervised learning. The applications include realizing autonomous control of large-scale systems (industrial processes and robotics); developing automated biomedical systems (cancers, brain activity cognition).

My CV can be found at here

Preprints and Working Papers

($\dagger$ indicates equal contribution)

Generalized Munchausen Reinforcement Learning using Tsallis KL Divergence, [link]
Lingwei Zhu, Zheng Chen, Takamitsu Matsubara, Martha White

Cancer Subtyping by Improved Transcriptomic Features Using Vector Quantized Variational Autoencoder, [link]
Z Chen$^{\dagger}$, ZW Yang $^{\dagger}$, Lingwei Zhu$^{\dagger}$, G Shi, K Yue, Takashi Matsubara, S Kanaya, MD Altaf-Ul-Amin

Cyclic Policy Distillation: Sample-Efficient Sim-to-Real Reinforcement Learning with Domain Randomization,
Y Kadokawa, Lingwei Zhu, Y Tsurumine and Takamitsu Matsubara


Hierarchical Categorical Generative Modeling for Multi-omics Cancer Subtyping, [link]
Ziwei Yang$^{\dagger}$, Lingwei Zhu$^{\dagger}$, Chen Li, Zheng Chen, Naoki Ono, Md Altaf-Ul-Amin, Shigehiko Kanaya, IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM) 2022

Automated Sleep Staging via Parallel Frequency-Cut Attention, [link]
Z Chen, ZW Yang, Lingwei Zhu, W Chen, T Tamura, N Ono, MD Altaf-Ul-Amin, S Kanaya, M Huang,
IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, 2022

Automated Cancer Subtyping via Vector Quantized Mutual Information Maximization, [link]
Z Chen$^{\dagger}$, Lingwei Zhu$^{\dagger}$, Ziwei Yang, Takashi Matsubara,
accepted by ECML-PKDD 2022

Multi-Tier Platform for Cognizing Massive Electroencephalogram, [link]
Z Chen$^{\dagger}$, Lingwei Zhu$^{\dagger}$, Ziwei Yang, Renyuan Zhang,
accepted by IJCAI 2022

Cancer Subtyping via Embedded Unsupervised Learning on Transcriptomics Data, [link]
Z Yang, Lingwei Zhu, Z Chen, M Huang, N Ono, MD Altaf-Ul-Amin, S Kanaya
accepted by EMBC 2022

Adaptive Spike-Like Representation of EEG Signals for Sleep Stages Scoring, [link]
Lingwei Zhu, K Odani, Z Yang, G Shi, Y Kan, Z Chen, R Zhang,
accepted by EMBC 2022

Alleviating Parameter-tuning Burden in Reinforcement Learning for Large-scale Process Control, [link]
Lingwei Zhu, G Takami, M Kawahara, H Kanokogi, T Matsubara,
Computers & Chemical Engineering 2022

Cautious Actor-Critic, [link]
Lingwei Zhu, T Kitamura, T Matsubara,
Asian Conference on Machine Learning 2021

Geometric Value Iteration: Dynamic Error-Aware KL Regularization for Reinforcement Learning, [link]
T Kitamura, Lingwei Zhu, T Matsubara,
Asian Conference on Machine Learning 2021

Dynamic actor-advisor programming for scalable safe reinforcement learning, [link]
Lingwei Zhu, Y Cui, T Matsubara,

Scalable reinforcement learning for plant-wide control of vinyl acetate monomer process, [link]
Lingwei Zhu, Y Cui, G Takami, H Kanokogi, T Matsubara,
Control Engineering Practice 2020

Factorial kernel dynamic policy programming for vinyl acetate monomer plant model control, [link]
Y Cui$^{\dagger}$, Lingwei Zhu$^{\dagger}$, M Fujisaki, H Kanokogi, T Matsubara,

Professional Activities

IEEE Robotics and Automation Letter (RAL)